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Leadership for Social Good  

We have known for many years that individual well-being is linked to caring, empathy, and compassion for others. Now we know that businesses do better when they measure success not only by profit but by the growth and development of people and the improvement of the planet.

Whether you call it corporate social responsibility, citizenship, or sustainability, organizations thrive when they contribute to the social good. To be successful, leaders must collaboratively reimagine how to engage individuals, institutions, and societies in new ways of learning and being.

The outcomes for organizations? Happier and healthier employees, greater effectiveness, increased passion for work, improved problem-solving abilities, and yes -- greater profitability.

Marilyn Price-Mitchell's proven knowledge, skills, and experiences as an organization development specialist, executive coach, nonprofit leader, businesswoman, and strategist makes her an asset to leadership teams and individuals wanting to make a difference in the world.

Noted as an American psychologist, columnist, and youth development expert by Wikipedia, Marilyn has a demonstrated passion for growing tomorrow's leaders. She works with groups and organizations whose missions include education, service-learning, and positive youth development.

Social Innovation Can Take Place in all Kinds of Organizations

Leadership for social good takes place in nonprofits, schools, businesses, government, and the spaces between them. To be successful, leaders must engage in creative processes that harness the power of collective learning. Marilyn works with today's leaders and change makers to explore concepts, ideas, and strategies that can transform the lives of children, adults, and their communities.    

Efforts to impact social change, including reimaging education, alleviating poverty and homelessness, improving healthcare, and preserving the environment require human and institutional partnerships, nonlinear thinking, flexibility, and adaptability. They require, as psychologist Jerome Bruner said, "figuring out how to use what you already know in order to go beyond what you already think."

Be Challenged!

As a consultant, Marilyn challenges executive teams to use their collaborative expertise and experiences to reimagine their futures. She infuses current thinking in the fields of human and organization development, social change, and innovation to spark creativity and move groups forward toward goal accomplishment.

Using an ecological, values-based framework for understanding systems change, Marilyn works with leadership teams to assess strengths, develop strategic plans, and improve their capacities to adapt and thrive. She helps executives and boards articulate their values, principles, and practices with more clarity and diversity, exploring dynamic opportunities to impact society.

In addition to her work with groups, Marilyn also coaches individual leaders who wish to improve their own abilities to problem-solve, strategize, impact change in their organizations, or launch new initiatives that contribute to the social good. 

SERVICES to clients





Roots of Action website


Marilyn has a special interest in developing the next generation of leaders committed to making a difference for themselves and others.  Her popular blog, Roots of Action, is written for K-12 parents, teachers, and mentors who influence the foundations of leadership, compassion, and lifelong learning in young people. 


Marilyn co-founded the nonprofit National ParentNet Association in 1996, building collaborative family-school-community partnerships through it's ParentNet® program. In 2014, the organization changed it's name to the Washington State Family and Community Engagement Trust and provides a range of services to Washington schools.


As a freelance writer, Marilyn  communicates research to popular and academic audiences. Her regular column at Psychology Today intersects the fields of education, youth civic engagement, parenting, and adolescent development. View samples of her work.


Marilyn is an engaging speaker whose topics include positive youth development, youth civic engagement, and building family-school-community partnerships. Learn more.


As a narrative researcher, Marilyn studies how human stories and experiences are linked to learning and meaning-making. Her recent study, Civic Learning at the Edge, discovered how caring relationships with adults and transformative learning experiences during adolescence fostered the development of young people who became engaged in social and environmental causes.



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