I'm an experienced coach and trusted advisor

I work with schools and nonprofits that want to apply The Compass Advantage framework in classrooms and after-school programs, and in communities that wish to focus on positive youth development. Using my background in human and organization development, I offer guidance beyond research in childhood and adolescence, including strategic planning, staff and volunteer training, and program design. See also my writing and grant proposal review services.

For schools and nonprofits, I offer a complimentary 30-minute introductory meeting via Zoom video conference to explore a potential fit for our work together. Please contact me with your request, including  information about your organization and why you may be interested in working with me. Between email correspondence and video conference, we can determine a scope of work. At that time, we will also discuss fee and payment options, ranging from hourly to project-based.

As a developmental psychologist, I also serve private clients in Bainbridge Island, WA., and others via video conferencing. I work with parents, guardians, and youth ages 10-17 to improve individual and family health and well-being. Learn more about becoming a private client.

My Commitment

I bring a three-fold commitment to each coaching relationship: 1) To use the best available knowledge in multi-disciplinary fields related to youth development, 2) To integrate that knowledge with my own expertise, and 3) To apply what I understand to each client’s situation.

My Approach

As a coach and mentor, I help clients achieve goals based on their own experiences and objectives for their schools, after-school programs, or organizations.  As we work together though the coaching process, our discussions intersect the following:

Increasing Awareness

My coaching practice is designed to help you understand the evidence-based ways we create environments that help children thrive at home, school, and throughout life. Awareness of the relationships, experiences, and opportunities that build internal strengths in children is an essential part of helping kids believe in themselves and become pilots of their own lives.

Creating Positive Habits

All families and groups have habits that influence and control their lives. Through coaching, we explore how to replace habits that don’t work well with those that support the healthy development of the children.

Taking Action

The goal of coaching is to create positive, lasting change through the client’s own actions. Because nothing changes without practice, we allow enough time between sessions for you to put strategies into action. We evaluate what worked, explore challenges, and refine strategies together.

A work sample

This 30-minute video shows an inspiring community summit in Bainbridge Island, WA, that I co-designed and facilitated. 

A Few Testimonials

"Marilyn is a very talented and creative facilitator, a quick study and very knowledgeable about organizational development....Her ability to quickly grasp the key elements of our work and the issues we face was particularly helpful....Our board fully enjoyed working with Marilyn...her facilitation drew high marks from all involved." -- Jan Lambert, Executive Director, Health, Housing and Human Services Council

"Marilyn helped me move from confusion to clarity as a new nonprofit leader. Her extensive experience, sharp intellect, and deep reflective listening skills contribute to her excellent coaching. With her guidance, I was able to get to the heart of several issues quickly and take action." -- Cezanne Allen, M.D.

"I've worked with Marilyn as a customer, colleague, and coworker. In all capacities, I've found her to be an excellent practitioner. Her business skills and perspective are broad, her perceptions of people accurate and her concern for quality and ethics supreme. Every time I work with her, I gain knowledge and success! -- Nita Millstein, President, Millstein & Associates

"Marilyn is a visionary ...and can help others understand that vision and want to come on board. She's willing to do the hard work that it takes to accomplish any task....she's infused with warm energy and a generosity of spirit." - Barbara Edmondson, Former Board Member, National ParentNet Association