I work with families & young people

I work with parents, guardians, and youth ages 10-17 in Bainbridge Island, WA, and others via video conferencing. During COVID, all sessions are conducted virtually.

As a psychologist, my focus is on improving your family's health and well-being. My practice is built on strengthening core internal attributes, including resilience, self-awareness, and sociability. Our work is guided by The Compass Advantage, a research-based framework for developing abilities that are known to help children and adults thrive in life.

My work with parents explores your current parenting practices and goals you hold for your children. Together, we talk about possibilities for change and discuss strategies to foster core interconnected strengths in your children. You commit to practice new strategies between sessions. Then we review your challenges and outcomes, working together to refine the parenting approaches that best accomplish your goals. While my work is most often focused on parenting, we also work to improve your own health and well-being.

My work with young people ages 10-17 focuses on identifying, understanding, and strengthening your core abilities. We explore your current support system, set goals, and develop strategies to accomplish your goals.

New clients are encouraged to take a free online Compass Survey.  The results of the survey provide a glimpse into my work and a starting point for our time together.

Please CONTACT ME to inquire about my availability and fees.